Sometimes, you just need to satiate your hunger in between meals.  While snacking can be a source of endless calories and sugar, there are some great good to snacks that are tasty and healthy.  Here are twenty ideas:

1. Jolly Time Butter-Light Pop Corn: popcorn makes a great snack, especially when it is prepared without endless butter and salt.  This tasty gluten free snack is the perfect way to add whole grains to your diet.

2. Weight Watcher’s String Cheese & Fruit:  Weight Watcher’s string cheese is a popular staple in my fridge.  While it’s not the most filling snack at 50 calories, it’s great when paired with fruit.

3. Baby Carrots and Low-fat Ranch Dressing:  Enjoy 28 baby carrots and 1 tbsp of low fat ranch-dressing for less than 200 calories.

4. Almonds:  Oven roasted sea salt almonds are a great snack and a great source of protein.  Blue Diamond makes a great to go pack and one service is only 100 calories.

5. Fruit: When your in need of some natural sugar.  Try fruit.  A fruit salad is the healthiest snack and you can get a 200 calorie portion.

6. Pop Chips: This potato chip alternative is made from corn.  It’s very healthy, crunchy, and delicious and only 100 calories.

7.  Frozen Grapes: A great summer snack, especially when lounging around the pool.  One cup is only 104 calories.

8. Cottage Cheese and Fruit: A serving of low fat cottage cheese is only 81 calories and some fruit! Amazing!

9. Kale Chips:  Easy to make a t home, very healthy, and salty and delicious.  It’s even healthier if you use Pam instead of olive oil.

10. Skinny Tropical Fruit Smoothie: Mix some fruit, ice, and milk into a blender and enjoy a cold refreshing beverage.